Welcome to oops

We are a non-profit making company specialising in original productions. We provide a platform for aspiring composers, musicians, playwrights and performers to present their work. Our purpose is to encourage new work in the knowledge that there is the possibility it being performed.

It is our aim to produce dynamic, professional, musical and straight theatre productions. There are currently more performers and musicians leaving college than ever before but increasingly fewer opportunities, for them to express their talent.

There is currently a considerable appetite for new and undiscovered work. The opera house and theatres are now commissioning several new works for the first time in their history and the audience attendance has never been better.

The South of England is full of talented musicians and performers.

We want to include as much local talent as possible in our productions and outreach programmes and give people the training ground to develop their skills. We are keen to involve local schools and a cross section of the community in our work.

Our productions aim to blend talented musicians and artists just starting out, with experienced performers.





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